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Conference Schedule

Note:  All rooms listed are located in Emmanuel College unless otherwise noted.  All events, times and locations are subject to revision.

Friday April 27th, 2012:  Concepts of Justice and Their Implications
 8:00  Registration/Check In
 South Foyer
 9:00  Keynote Lecture
 What Is Justice and Why Does It Matter?
 Nicholas Wolterstorff
 Room  EM 119
 10:30  BREAK - refreshments provided
 South Foyer
 11:00  Plenary Panel
 Religion and Human Rights in Canada: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
 Abdulaziz Sachedina, Lois Wilson, Michael Stroh
 Moderator: Karen Hamilton
 Room EM 119
 12:45  LUNCH
 Burwash Hall
 2:00  Concurrent Workshops and Panels
 Rights, Culture, and Forgiveness
 Benjamin Berger, Shannon Hoff, Alice MacLachlan
 Aboriginal Rights in Canada: A Case Study of Group and individual Rights
  John Olthuis and Dean Jacobs
 Negotiating Borders Justly: Immigration and Human Rights
 Bernard Alphonsus, Emily Gilbert, Ronald Poulton
 Room EM 319

 Room EM 119

 Room EM 302
 3:45  BREAK - refreshments provided  South Foyer
 4:15  Concurrent Workshops and Panels
 Perils and Promises: Tensions Between Justice and Other Norms
 Pamela Couture, James Christie, Lowell Ewert
 Formal Rights, Substantive Rights: Rights in Conflict
 Réal Fillion, Bruce Porter, John Russon 

 Room EM 119

 Room EM 319
 6:00  Dinner Break  (not provided, participants make their own arrangements)
 8:00  Public Lecture - Reception to follow
 Must Love and Justice Forever Be at Odds?
 Nicholas Wolterstorff
 Northrop Frye
 Room NF 003

Saturday April 28th, 2012:  Concepts of Justice and the Claiming of Rights
 8:30  Check In (new participants)
 South Foyer
 9:00  Keynote Lecture
 Linking Fates Together: Universalism and Contextualism, Human Rights and Social Justice
 Melissa Williams

 Room EM 119
 10:30  BREAK - refreshments provided  South Foyer
 11:00  Concurrent Workshops and Panels:  Whose Rights?  Which Responsibilities?
 Disability and Human Rights: Issues of Access and Attitudes
 Tom Reynolds, Deborah Stienstra, Patty Douglas, Lynda Katsuno
 Restoration or Retribution?  Tensions in the Adjudication of Justice
 Bruce Schenk, Harry Van Harten, Marie Wilson
 Children's Rights:  From Protection to Self-Determination
  Scott Forbes, Kathy Vandergrift
 Room EM 319

 Room EM 119

 Room EM 302
 Burwash Hall
 1:30  Public Engagement and Advocacy - Practitioners Networking and Discussion
 Facilitated by the Office of Social Justice, CRCNA
 Room EM 119
 2:45  Concurrent Workshops and Panels:  Rights to What?
 Environmental Rights
  Heather Eaton, Ruth Groenhout, John Hiemstra
 Poverty and Rights
   Joe Gunn, Michael DeMoor;  Facilitator: Maria Paez-Victor
    - organized by Citizens for Public Justice
 Women and Rights
  Joanna Birenbaum, Minoo Derayeh, Janet Wesselius
 Room EM 119

 Room EM 319

 Room EM 302
 4:30  BREAK - refreshments provided  South Foyer
 4:45  Plenary Panel
 Social Justice and Human Rights: Reflections in Conclusion
  Abdulaziz Sachedina, Melissa Williams, Lois Wilson, Nicholas Wolterstorff
 Moderator: Henriette Thompson

 Room EM 119
 6:15  Concluding Remarks and Acknowledgements
 Lambert Zuidervaart, Conference Director
 Room EM 119