The conference organizing committee combines the expertise of three well qualified faculty members at two schools, a human rights expert with wide experience in politics, interreligious dialogue, and social advocacy, two current or recent doctoral students with a track record in organizing conferences, and an experienced administrator with strengths in event organizing. Lambert Zuidervaart, Professor of Philosophy at ICS and at U of T and Director of CPRSE, chairs the committee and is the Conference Director. A specialist in social philosophy, critical theory, and philosophy of discourse, he has organized and directed three interdisciplinary and international conferences and has extensive experience in academic administration. The other two faculty members are Thomas Reynolds, Associate Professor of Theology at Emmanuel College, and Shannon Hoff, Assistant Professor of Social and Political Philosophy at ICS.  Dr. Reynolds has written extensively on religious pluralism and has successfully organized public events on Intercultural Relations and on Religion and Violence.  Dr. Hoff is well regarded as a Hegel scholar who has organized conferences in her area.  Human rights expert Kathy Vandergrift provides the committee with multiple connections to the worlds of politics, interreligious dialogue, and social advocacy.  As the Chair of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children and the former Director of Policy for World Vision Canada, she has been involved in organizing many successful and important conferences. Allyson Carr and Matthew Klaassen offer the perspectives and energy of a current or recent doctoral student at ICS.  Both helped organize the Truth Matters conference as well as a previous ICS conference on Art and Social Responsibility  (March 2009) co-sponsored by the Centre for Ethics at U of T.  Both Carr and Klaassen participate in the committee’s programming sessions.  Lyle Clark was hired as CPRSE’s first Assistant Director in May 2011 and has served on the organizing committee since then.  He brings 20 years of previous experience in non-profit and membership administration.  Mr. Clark provides administrative cohesion for the committee’s efforts and oversees all aspects of conference publicity, marketing and local arrangements.